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Thursday, July 20, 2006

I'm back...

Well, after many many months off from blogging I venture back. I have to thank my clients who have reminded how much fun blogs can be. Hello to all those (2) people who keep coming back to see nothing. And p$%s off those who leave rubbish comments about your latest money making scheme, or how I might find your blog interesting -ya right!

So what's be happening? Well the biggest news is that we are having baby number 4 in Oct. The kids are very very excited and bec is over the moon. We have no idea what we are having although everyone but moi wants to know - so we didn't find out. I love the surprise. Austin wants a brother, Bronte wants a sister and Davis wants another xbox game.

Love this photo of the da boys - as you can see Davis hates the camera and Austin hates ties "I'm choking, I'm choking". We have had a year of weddings and births with my sister Rebecca tying the knot a couple of months ago and Matt following her down the aisle a couple of weeks ago. This photo is from Bec's wedding. My other sister Lisa is having her second in a couple of weeks.

Rugby - Check out the briars rugby website http://www.briars.rugby.net.au/. The boys are smashing it this year... running second in the club champs and all grades on target to make the finals. President John "the Godfather" Slender is a legend!!!! Don't forget to check out waddo's http://mrwaddo.spaces.msn.com/PersonalSpace.aspx blog.

Go you wallabies - love smashing those boks

Music - can't stop playing 'snow patrol' http://www.snowpatrol.com/ - great album and great duet with Martha Wainright.

New passion - GOLF! have just discovered what many of mates have known for years - best way to spend 4 hours! Blackish and Damo - love your work. Next post will have my handicap and I will detail my adventures of trying to reduce it...

I am playing Paradise Palms next wednesday http://www.paradisepalms.com.au/ and can't wait.

Movies - just saw Superman Returns with my mate mong and it is a corker!!! I loved it and it made me feel like a little kid again. Well worth the $15 they charge you. If you plan on watching it make sure you see it at the movies - it is a big screen film.