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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Critics "warm" to Sith

Was just listening at ABC radio and the movie reviewer briefly discussed THE movie (lengthier review next week). As he said, a lucky "few" had the opportunity to watch the preview yesterday and he said he really liked it and thought it a fitting end and reminiscent of the first three, or middle three… however you care to name them. He went on to say that "even the room full of harden, cynical film critics warmed to the film, "my bet is it won't be panned like the last two".

Still can't breathe...


  • At 12:20 pm, Blogger Rob said…

    If you can't breathe, Kirky, you'd better not go here:


    By the way, mate, I'm seeing it on the 19th around 9.30pm (I was mistaken in thinking my mate had booked for a few days after that).

    We can compare notes then!!!


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