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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Up there with the worst ever

I have just blown $3.95 and when you come from Scottish stock you can get pretty peeved at that.

So who is blame for this massive loss on my personal stock market - William H. Macy. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would blame such a great actor for something like this but his latest movie (well the latest I've seen on DVD) Cellular is an absolute dog.
Kim Basinger (sexy science teacher) is down right awful (listen to the opening line on the website - "they're, they're trying to kill me"), the hunk, Chris Evans (vacuous skirt chaser and slightly more animated than K. Reeves) is yet to finish acting 101, Macy (26yr copper who wants to open a beauty salon, oops i mean day spa (you'll get that if you sit through this stinker) with his wife, ain't bad, and Jason Statham (an Englishman LAPD officer - go figure) is regretting that he said yes to the script - if he even read it.

The idea is OK, based on a story by Larry Cohen (Phonebooth) but the execution is amazingly bad. Cliché after cliché is rolled out, even the car chase scene almost put me to bed - reminded me of a 70's cops and robbers TV shows.

I tried turning it off several times but just wanted to see if it could get worse... and it did. You like watching a car crash? Well, you would love this wreck...


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