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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Hey Rube

All a bit weird really but the drugs hadn't taken hold...

A wonderful friend of mine, when in NY last year, bought me 'Hey Rube' a collection of articles written by Hunter S. Thompson. I finally got to reading it yesterday and stumbled across the article titled "Urgent Warning to Gamblers: Beware the Idea of March." It starts...

"March is an ugly month for gamblers. It is a time of deep mud, foul treachery and guaranteed personal failures. I have always hated March, for personal reasons, but as a Gambler, I Really hate it."

It continues...

"Nothing good as ever happened to me in March, and it has never failed to bring horrible Fear, Grief, and extremely tangible Loss down on me - and I know in my heart this year will be no different. I get the creeps every time I look at the calendar... Big trouble, soon come."

Now this was all a bit weird, especially with the gift of hindsight... He died at age 67, 8 days before his'"hated" month.

But it was not until I finished the article that it got really weird - well for me anyway. The article was written 12th March 2001 - exactly four years to the day that I was reading and reflecting on it. Oh, there goes that twilight zone music again...


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