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Thursday, March 31, 2005

feel the Force

almost there, almost there... need I say more May 19. Buy your tickets here... first screening 12.01am. I plan on being there as I was for ep 1 and 2. I wonder if my wife will let my 8 year old come too... I will have to try a Jedi mind trick.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

U2 kick off world tour in style

Here is the U2 opening night song set for their world tour. I love it. 2 hours, 22 songs. The best news is the fact the U2 are drawing on their very, very early stuff such as "An Cat Dubh" which has to be one of my favourite Edge riffs ever. Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly for those who didn't like the album, there are no songs from POP nor Zooropa. Anyway I can't wait till they hit our shores...

The highlight? It is good to see they closed on the concert favourite 40.... how long did the crowd sing that song?

by the way thanks to Rob Irwin for the alert...

DJ's Diary

Well it has bee two weeks since my last confession... I have been on the road in Melbourne and Hong Kong for two weeks and am finaly at home. I decided to share my know found love affair with my young son and he now has a blog titled DJ's Diary. He is very excited, has no idea what it all means but in 20 years time he will have a life long diary.

Monday, March 14, 2005

EPIC 2014

a bit of crystal ball gazing and the future of the media...EPIC 2014

Jack Johnson video - what a cracker

Every now and then a video clip comes along that stops you in your tracks and you think "how the hell did they do that?" well this video clip does just that. It is Jack Johnson's new one and it is awesome... very similar to Coldplay's Scientist clip.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Hey Rube

All a bit weird really but the drugs hadn't taken hold...

A wonderful friend of mine, when in NY last year, bought me 'Hey Rube' a collection of articles written by Hunter S. Thompson. I finally got to reading it yesterday and stumbled across the article titled "Urgent Warning to Gamblers: Beware the Idea of March." It starts...

"March is an ugly month for gamblers. It is a time of deep mud, foul treachery and guaranteed personal failures. I have always hated March, for personal reasons, but as a Gambler, I Really hate it."

It continues...

"Nothing good as ever happened to me in March, and it has never failed to bring horrible Fear, Grief, and extremely tangible Loss down on me - and I know in my heart this year will be no different. I get the creeps every time I look at the calendar... Big trouble, soon come."

Now this was all a bit weird, especially with the gift of hindsight... He died at age 67, 8 days before his'"hated" month.

But it was not until I finished the article that it got really weird - well for me anyway. The article was written 12th March 2001 - exactly four years to the day that I was reading and reflecting on it. Oh, there goes that twilight zone music again...

Guitar Heaven

I am currently in Melbourne for work and was offered a ticket to the Mark Knopfler http://www.mark-knopfler.com gig last. Now, like most people my age we all grew up with a bit of Sultans of Swing and Brothers in Arms etc so I thought it would be a chance to recapture a bit of youth. The crowd ranged from 8 to 68 and Rod Laver Arena was packed. There was no support band and Mark and the boys sauntered on stage at about 8.15. The first couple of songs were pretty ordinary due to the sound system being all over the place and I thought we were going to be in for a very long night. But all of a sudden it came together and the place rocked. There is no doubt he is a genius guitarist, playing a wide variety of styles. The old classics got the place a jumping with walking frames banging against the seats. He performed four encores and left the crowd wanting more - ending on a truly amazing rendition of Wild Theme. Am seriously thinking about trying to see him again...

Friday, March 11, 2005

Daily dose of salt water

When you're stuck in an office 12 floors up this is the website to gaze longingly at a decent (and sometimes not so decent) break

If at first you can't see the big picture - squint

One of my favourite photographs will become a showpiece for Sydney. It will surely spark a wealth of heated arguments... isn't that what art is all about...

Sydney Morning Herald

Thirsty Merc

These guys rock Thirsty Merc. I have followed them for a while and have seen them live a couple of times. Their album is hot and of course you should support aussie (live) music...

Thursday, March 10, 2005

How hard is it to say goodbye...

I spend my life dealing with words, helping make sense of them, helping people make sense of them, giving those jumbled combination of letters some meaning and perhaps some truth and power. But tonight, as I have done before, I was left empty and unsure if words can live up to the expectation of an experience created in our minds - or maybe I lack the conviction and commitment to deliver those words.

Two of our closest and dearest friends are off to do the London thing and tonight we had a quiet dinner at some Bavarian cafe in the middle of nowhere (the pork knuckle was sensational).
This would be the last time we would laugh at each other, share a silly childhood story face to face, a story told a hundred times before, and talk utter hoo ha for at least 2-3 years. Now it's not like we talk everyday, or even every week but its comforting to know that they are a mere 3 iron away from a round of golf, or a twist of a James Squires from the latest discourse on the Wallabies.

But the fact is they are going far far away... back to the motherland. So when it came to saying goodbye it was a quick shake of the hand, a pat on the shoulder and a "see ya mate - don't freeze ya balls off - email me" type routine. As I walked back to the family wagon I realised that for me it was supposed to be significant, it was supposed to be a little emotional (in that rather blokey aussie male type of way) it was supposed to be at least, well at least something! But it was just an empty feeling, another missed train station in the trip of life - that if you had stopped, stepped off and had a look around you might actually have enjoyed it (just like Fassifern station).

As I climbed into the kids cab my wife looked at me and said "you just act so casual, i bet you are now saying you should have said this or you should have said that - go write that in your blog thingy..." and once again she was right.

Whether or not I learn from it... well, that's another story... he is here for another week and i have a couple of Squires in the fridge, super 12 is on TV and the fairways look forgiving.

U2 deny us again?

It appears those of us who are U2 fans will have to wait another year to watch these guys in concert. They have cancelled/postponed the end of year tour. Those of us who are u2.com members with that big 'ol credit card key ring would have to be a little peeved!!! The guys said they couldn't wait to play Australia so they could holiday here after... so they may still arrive after their December 20 concert in the states. Here's to hope'n.

Has Jim left the building?

40yo clip of Doors star found
FLORIDA historians have discovered a 40-year-old film clip of a clean-cut Jim Morrison that will give fans a different view of the Doors singer before his wilder days as a drug-using rock legend who drank hard and died young.

Do we really want to spoil our memories of one of our greatest rock 'n rollers?

Rob's star wars update

This guy keeps me up-to-date with all the Star wars goings on... he knows stuff even before George does!!!! hyperspace here.

My come to Jesus experience

sneeze, fog, blog, rss, podcast, moblogging... words that I had never heard of a couple of months ago now feel like an old pair of jeans. Comfy to wear and proud to wear out! I met a few disciples of my new religion this morning at H&K Breakfast Bytes. I was lucky enough to be on a panel with some "leading weblog experts" Mark Jones, Deputy Managing Director, IDG Communications (and thanks to Mark for getting me to start this blog) Frank Arrigo, Group Manager, Microsoft Australia, Mick Stanic, proprietor of Principius, the mind behind Splatt. These guys are the pioneers here in Australia and know all that there is to know. It was the first time this type of event of was held and more than 70 people took part in the discussion. They came from all types of organisations and walks of life all keen to discuss and understand the latest evolution in communication. We could have talked for hours and many a conversation continued over coffee (Mick has a mate who can tell you where to find the best coffee in the world, while Frank can point you to a tailor on Saville row) and the conversations are sure to keep on keeping on.
I work for H&K and two of my colleagues have been pushing for well over six months to do something like we did today and I reckon their foresight has been spot-on with all media coverage in recent times and general murmurings about blogs.

So this is my first confessional, which I expect to do everyday now, if I can. From the church service this morning I loved the hymns, the singing and the sermon and now have been converted.