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Friday, October 20, 2006

Episode IV - A new hope

We are celebrating our 4th edition to the Kirk-Clark Clan. Charlie Dane Kirk-Clark was born on Monday 16/10/06. Rather big and vey healthy. Below are some ramblings about how it all happened.

Like most of the truly enjoyable things in life, they just get better and better each time you do it!!! You may scoff and say that’s what got us here in the first place but there is another reason that I am now putting finger to keyboard is to share the last 36 hours with you… some of the best 36 hours of my life! The truth is that witnessing that moment when your flesh and blood is born is the most special, special moment… and it does get better each time.

Sunday night started like any normal Sunday night in the far from normal Kirk-Clark Clan household…

A roast dinner prepared by the iron chef Dad, apple juice all round, a special ice cream pudding and then we all settled in to watch more dreams get shattered in Aussie Idol. Little did we know but Beck was starting to feel that ‘little something’… now I have no idea what the ‘little something’ feeling is but she was having it. The problem was is that she has been having that ‘little something’ feeling for a while now… about 3 weeks.

It had been a long month. With expectations that being the fourth and the fact Beck is an anal retentive control freak we thought it would be early and we (Beck) was trying to organise the birth Friday week ago. It would have been perfect – people could have visited on the weekend, all the weeks chores and tasks were done (the boys hair cut – check, Bronte spoilt – check, yell at Andrew for breathing weird – check, have my hair done (again) – check, clean house - check, carpet laid – check, buy Bronte’s double bed – check, move new baby seat closer to garage door – check, move Andrew’s golf sticks further away from garage door – check).

The whiteboard in the kitchen that dictates our lives was almost empty except for… Bronte’s dance concert, Andrew wash floors, clean car, stop breathing weirdly and phone numbers for Westmead private hospital. It would have been a perfectly executed military operation.

But Friday came and went and we entered the second week of the school holidays. Each night we would go to bed hoping to ring the mother-in-law at some ungodly hour. But it was not to be – our impending money burner was holding off… Beck even put a request into the Obstetrician during her visit last Wednesday asking if she could be induced on Thursday, “with 3 kids and a chore challenged husband it would be good to have the baby tomorrow (Thursday), so I could be home on Sunday to organise the kids back to school, people could visit on the weekend, I don’t miss Aussie Idol and All Saints and to be honest all the chores are now done except the floors and car”. But her rather sound argument fell on deaf ears… the obstetrician replied “I don’t induce for social reasons…” and that was that!

So we waited, and waited, and waited…

On Sunday Bronte performed (brilliantly) in the dance concert, I washed the floors and cleaned the car…

We crawled into bed on Sunday night after burning labour inducing incense and taking a hot bath. Around 11.30pm Rebecca felt more than a little something… She waited… it got stronger, she waited and then it got a little stronger… she waited.

Finally at 2.30am she got up to walk around and begin preparing her bathroom bag, do her hair and make-up, and mentally prepare for the most excruciating pain ever, all the normal stuff.

I woke – she told me “yes, it is all happening but it will be a while, I will get organised, fix the whiteboard and wake you when we need to go.” Little did I know that she just didn’t want me following her around annoying her – as if!!!

I said “that is really great news – here we go” rolled over and promptly went back to sleep.

10 minutes later I got up. It was all too much. I was too excited. I intended to stay out of her way so I grabbed a pen, trusty note book, my best sports watch with timer and proceeded to follow her around the house (at a safe distance) asking important questions such as - you having one now? Is that one? Does it hurt? Is it finished? Wow that was 6 minutes, the last was 5, the one before was 8, so I bet the next is 7 minutes.

In hindsight, I don’t feel my role was appreciated.

At 4am we called the in-laws. Lyn was already sitting by the phone – she had been up for half ‘n hour – she also felt that ‘little something’… all a bit weird really.
Anyway we jumped into the family van, looked at one of the 5 empty seats behind us, smiled, knowing that our new pride and joy was soon to take one of those spaces…

We arrived safe and sound at Westmead Private (3 contractions on the way, one as we hopped in the care @ 4.07, one @ 4.12 ‘a bit quicker than expected’, and the third @ 4.21 ‘mmm a bit long – I hope this is still going to happen’ – all noted for the doctors information). We parked right out the front. They welcomed us like a hotel and walked us to room number “4 – Birthing room” mmm not like any hotel I have stayed in.

To be honest it was very pleasant except for the plastic bed/torture table. The rest was very comfortable with a massive recliner chair. I was excited. I had my new book “Tobruk” and my mp3 players with noise cancelling headphones.

They checked Beck and we were half way – not long now they promised. When asked about pain relief – she replied “I took 2 Panadol at home and that will be fine for now.” You go girl!!! I thought. I asked the nurse if she could turn the gas on just in case but all I got was a raised eyebrow.

For the next couple of hours I looked dreamily at the recliner chair as I stood next to Beck. Every 5 minutes or so I had to give her my hand, she held it to her face and used her new birthing technique. By focusing her pain though my fingers she could get through the contraction. She said my fingers were cold and that helped to focus. I told her that’s what happens when they are starved of blood… not complaining just stating facts.

Our midwives’ were wonderful. Very caring and thoughtful. Because Beck was doing so well they left us alone. When they did check they commented on how wonderful she was doing, how cool she was, how experienced she was and just how nice she is for a woman about to give birth. I tried to warn them that this Beck will change, that nice Beck will go, and exorcist Beck will take her place… they were warned.

From then on things slowed a little – she had a contraction every five minutes.

Finally at 8.30 the doctor arrived and realised she needed to get things moving. She broke Beck’s waters, and the flood gates of pain opened. Looking up at me as my fingers turned a darker shade of blue next to her cheek she said “I don’t think two Panadol was enough” I agreed.

Beck asked for an epidural – the midwife looked at me and said that horse had bolted. “Fire up the gas” was the call.

The contractions were coming on like an all black forward pack… consistent, painful and rather ugly. Suddenly sweet, angelic, butter wouldn’t melt Becky Clark was peeling paint off the walls as she worked her way through the wharfie’s dictionary of friendly banter. The meek and mild was now potty mouth trash and I was loving it. You go girl!!!

It must be said she abused no-one but openly shared her feelings about the labour, the pain, the pillows, my hand and the whole experience.

Finally it was time to push. Delirious on gas and pain, Beck struggled to push with her muscles not her mouth. Guided by the wonderful Dr Gabriel Beck was told that while the “pain will be the worst pain you ever felt, but once it’s over, it’s over” inspiring words really…

Then at 9.50 – time froze…

This is the greatest moment anybody anywhere will experience… the moment you see your child’s face, you gaze at your newborns hair, ears, nose, dimpled chin, and mouth… through blurry vision as tears roll down your face you see… well you see - you…

A quick tug and the rest of your little human emerges… you start counting – two arms, two legs, now where is the – oh there it is – one penis… it’s a boy!

Charlie Dane Kirk-Clark emerged into our world. He had a bit of a cry but quickly settled once he was placed on Beck’s chest. He lay in her arms for about 20 minutes before he whisked away to be weighed and measured.

He was 3.99kg, 54cm long with a 37.5cm head circumference. We are still scratching our heads as to how he fit in?

They delivered him back to Beck for his first feed, and that’s all he has been doing for two days. He eats and feeds, then feeds and eats, doesn’t sleep for more than 15 minutes… Beck hasn’t had more than a couple hours of sleep since Saturday – that is tough for a woman who is used to 10 hours a night sleep. She is a trooper, she isn’t complaining but just getting on with it – an amazing woman.
Who does he look like? We just don’t know. He is a mix of all of us and looks like none of us. One thing is true - he looks older and wiser than us… about 104 years old Beck reckons.

As you can imagine Beck is in no rush to get home to the madness a household four children will bring. The hospital wants to send her home on Thursday but we are doing all we can to make it a Friday morning check out. She has a single room, her own TV, a menu, surrounded by flowers and her beautiful little boy beside her.

The question on everyone’s lips is “is this it?” The obstetrician asked. The paediatrician asked. The midwife asked. The nurse asked.

Beck’s reply? A smile and a shrug of the shoulders…

I am trying to teach her a small little three letter word…


Friday, September 29, 2006

A friend of mine has jumped into the blog world with a great little site http://www.sydney-breakfast.blogspot.com/ about the search for the perfect coffee and breakfast in Sydney. It is "Dedicated to finding the ultimate breakfast spot in Sydney". onya Selina!!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I'm back...

Well, after many many months off from blogging I venture back. I have to thank my clients who have reminded how much fun blogs can be. Hello to all those (2) people who keep coming back to see nothing. And p$%s off those who leave rubbish comments about your latest money making scheme, or how I might find your blog interesting -ya right!

So what's be happening? Well the biggest news is that we are having baby number 4 in Oct. The kids are very very excited and bec is over the moon. We have no idea what we are having although everyone but moi wants to know - so we didn't find out. I love the surprise. Austin wants a brother, Bronte wants a sister and Davis wants another xbox game.

Love this photo of the da boys - as you can see Davis hates the camera and Austin hates ties "I'm choking, I'm choking". We have had a year of weddings and births with my sister Rebecca tying the knot a couple of months ago and Matt following her down the aisle a couple of weeks ago. This photo is from Bec's wedding. My other sister Lisa is having her second in a couple of weeks.

Rugby - Check out the briars rugby website http://www.briars.rugby.net.au/. The boys are smashing it this year... running second in the club champs and all grades on target to make the finals. President John "the Godfather" Slender is a legend!!!! Don't forget to check out waddo's http://mrwaddo.spaces.msn.com/PersonalSpace.aspx blog.

Go you wallabies - love smashing those boks

Music - can't stop playing 'snow patrol' http://www.snowpatrol.com/ - great album and great duet with Martha Wainright.

New passion - GOLF! have just discovered what many of mates have known for years - best way to spend 4 hours! Blackish and Damo - love your work. Next post will have my handicap and I will detail my adventures of trying to reduce it...

I am playing Paradise Palms next wednesday http://www.paradisepalms.com.au/ and can't wait.

Movies - just saw Superman Returns with my mate mong and it is a corker!!! I loved it and it made me feel like a little kid again. Well worth the $15 they charge you. If you plan on watching it make sure you see it at the movies - it is a big screen film.


Thursday, August 25, 2005

part kiwi Posted by Picasa

back again after a break... here are my three favourite people on our holiday in NZ. Great trip - plenty of adventures. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

well, it has been a while...

since i put skin to keyboard... lost interest really, made up excuses about lack of time, lack of things to say, lack of... well, just lack of...

But all that has change and I have been inspired by two events...

1. I read my mates blog, Waddo, he tells it like it is, very funny with some great photos - check out the rugby pics... http://spaces.msn.com/members/mrwaddo/

2. My Company Hill & Knowlton http://www.hillandknowlton.com.au/ has just launched its own blog for employees. Collective Conversations is our professional blogging communty. It has our blogging policy which we all had a hand in writing and a quirky little test "are you ready to blog" - bit of fun... http://blogs.hillandknowlton.com/blogs/

So i am back on the wagon. After my inital flurry it will slow down to a decent dribble...

Thursday, May 19, 2005

King of the kids... My brother says it changed his life - working for 3 weeks at an orphanage Posted by Hello

Sunset in kenya - My Brother and angela Posted by Hello

Davis in action... Posted by Hello

again... Posted by Hello

what a great shot!!!! Posted by Hello

Here is the little fella...  Posted by Hello

Love it i did - Sith Happens

What can I say - what an amazing movie. George, all is forgiven. I do not need to lie, make up or fabricate my pure, unadulterated love for this movie like the two previous. It is simply amazing in all ways (except acting but that was never SW strong point). From the opening sequence - which is utterly, utterly mind blowing (make sure you remember to breath), to the climatic battle scene between the master and student, I was enthralled. I don't want to spoil it for my fellow lovers who are yet to be cast under its spell. I can't wait to take my son (there is only one scene that is slightly concerning) - and yes it is also an excuse to see at again and again and again...
Love it I did!!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

only hours away

tickets are in hand... final preparations made... going to line up now for 5hrs... wish i was there earlier... update tomorrow...